things you need to know about GOOGLE

     Can you imagine internet without google ? 
     There are a lot of search engines, but Google is the best, we can say the is the biggest searching service on the net.

     So there are some things and tricks to know about Google.

1. You can filter your research.


     Use a dash, or “minus,” to help filter out any unwanted search results.
 For exemple : enter "games-online" to make sure that online games stays out of your search.

2. Choose your files to download. 


     Use “filetype:pdf” before your search request, for example, will give you only PDF documents. Other common ones are .xlsx .docx .psd .ai ....

3. Zerg rush.


     Type “Zerg rush” into Google. A Zerg rush, for the uninitiated, is what it’s called in the game StarCraft when you gather forces of alien arthropods known as Zergs to decimate the enemy. Double-clicking turns your cursor into a weapon against the oncoming Os — Google’s version of Zergs.

4. Find and download a lot of fonts for free.


      Visite Google fonts and find a massive and awesome fonts for completely free and use them on your computer softwares.

5. Pronounce long numbers.

       Google well tell you how to pronounce a long number if you search  it and add "=english".

6. Explore the sky.


       I like this service, because i love astronomy, so Google Sky uses images from the Hubble Telescope and NASA Satellites to give you the chance to explore our universe. You can explore galaxies millions of light years from Earth.

7. Convertion .
       You can use Google to convert measures of mass, area, volume, temperature, speed  and digital storage...
        Google can give currencies you the rate of conversion between currencies (for exemple USD vs EURO ).

 There are a lot of Google application, games and tricks, we well post it next time.