Things You Need to Know About #WannaCry

     In this month, hundreds of thousands of computers around the world had a meeting with the biggest cyberattack it was a ransomware that affect computers networks of hospitals, railways, banks, companies and more...

     Once WannaCry get in the system, it encrypts database and files, then it demands a ransom of $300, payable only in bitcoin to decrypt affected files, that isn’t much, but it’s easy money for the hackers,It was unique,it differs from typical malware that requires a user to click an attachment or link to infect a PC. It was undetectable to traditional antivirus software.

So wath we should do to be safe and protected ?

Just follow these tips to fight back :

1. First of all, you need to have regularly back up your data and files, that way you’ll never need to pay a ransom to get it back, .exp: external hard disk ...
2. Make sure that the latest updates for your windows system ,antivirus software and web browser is installed by enabling automatic downloads.
3. Learn more about scams, malwares, malicious links and hackers strategy, be careful, they use social engineering to get you.
4. Avoid users assigned administrative access unless absolutely needed, your safety first.
5. warn off cracks and serials websites they are full off malicious links. Only download software. especially free software, from secure sites you know and trust.


    WannaCry may have been a costly learning experience  for every computer user,  Following the tips above will enhance everyone’s cybersecurity not for this attack, but for every prospective cyberattac.
    Learn more, your safety first...

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