Simple Life : Money, Buying and Purchasing

     Practicing simplicity is not only being economical with money and consuming less , it is also a state of mind. notwithstanding, spending wisely plays a central role in the market economy.

When we spend our money and buy something we send a message to the marcket, we affirme the product, satisfying with its ecological impact and its process of manufacture. that is the power of spending money and consuming, with this power comes responsibility.So we must be very careful about our decision of purchasing.

Start by trying to save a small amount each week and set your financial goals. you can enjoy by doing this challenge and exercise your self-discipline.
Try to buy organic, green and local product, by making purchase of this type you support green businesses.It's challenging, because, spending ethically is more expensive, but we must do the best to our world.

.  It is very important to have a  clear understanding of your income and expenses. It takes time to make money, so don’t waste it.
 .  Taking note of everything you purchase for one month. At the end of the month, categorise your expenses into rent/mortgage, food, electricity,lunches, coffees, school , etc. then multiply those categories by twelve to get a rough idea of the yearly cost of each of the categories. with this strategy you will have a clear vision of the entire year and give the chance to save some money by eliminating some unuseful expenses from the list.

.  Avoid credit cards and DEBT, the main goal banks is to chain us to them, so the best way is credit card and debt interest (Usury). dont forget this useful rule : “If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it.” .