Thing You Need To Know About Nintendo Switch

     Nintendo's latest offering has handheld elements, motion control elements and can be played with a traditional controller too. Experts, though, have been critical of the number of titles at its launch. But the developers say the "uniqueness of the experience" is more important.

     Not like any other games device on the market the Switch can be used as a traditional, home based console as well as a hand held one for gaming on the go.

     Supporters also point to innovative controllers which, again, can be used in the traditional mould or, uniquely to the Switch, can be split into two for shared gaming.
His overall verdict was positive saying the console's innovative controllers in particular are fun to use.
But like many fans he was concerned about the price.
   It costs £280 for the console and there are optional extras on top of that which are incredibly expensive.

     The biggest criticism of any Nintendo console is the strength of the line-up outside of the first-party offering, the Nintendo's developers always know that Nintendo is going to make great games that are really well suited to their machines, but once again it just seems like the third-party support isn't quite there yet.
The two Japanese developers have also defended the idea at the heart of the Nintendo Switch - the ability to take it anywhere.