Simple Life : HOUSING

     Housing (whether purchasing, building, or renting) is typically life's greatest single expense, so living simply involves thinking especially carefully about where you live and why. Exactly what kind of shelter do you need to live well and to be free? We must answer this question for ourselves.

    LIVE IN A MODEST ABODE: The ostentatious ‘McMansions’ which are so prevalent in many developed nations are extremely resource intensive, energy intensive, and expensive. They are also ugly. The Simpler Way involves embracing smaller, much more modest and energy efficient homes.

     TRY TO LIVE CLOSE WORK OR WORK CLOSE TO WHERE YOU LIVE: This isn't always easy or affordable, but living close to work is an important goal. This will allow you to bike to work easily and it will also mean that you don’t have to waste lots of time commuting.

      CO-­HOUSING: A growing number of people are exploring co-­housing arrangements. This can involve groups or people (a group of friends perhaps, or two or three families, etc) living in the same house. For those with a spare room, it might involve taking on a boarder.

      ECO-­DESIGN: If you are in a position to design and build a house, take eco-­design seriously. It can be more expensive, but often the initial costs of eco-design can pay for themselves over time (e.g. solar panels, quality insulation, double‐glazed windows, efficient heaters, etc.).