One of the most worrying aspects of consumer lifestyles is the excessive waste that results. Every week more than one billion consumers in the developed world leave a bag of trash on the side of the road where it is picked up. It seems to magically disappear but actually most of it has to be dumped into the natural environment from where it came.

     RECYCLE: The first way to reduce waste is to recycle vigilantly.

     REUSE: The second way to reduce waste is to reuse the so-­called waste of our purchases. Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

      REDUCE: The third way to reduce waste it to reduce the amount of the things you consume. We all have things we like to buy (music, books, wine, etc.). Living simply doesn't mean giving up all these things, but it does imply embracing moderation. Try to reduce your consumption. Often free alternatives exist.

      REFUSE: The first way to reduce waste is simply to refuse to consume in unnecessary ways. For example, instead of purchasing water from a plastic bottle, drink water from the tap; don’t buy new shoes when your old ones are fine; avoid that unnecesary air flight; and so on.

      PACKAGING: Avoid as much packaging as possible.

      COMPOST: Rather than using nasty chemicals to fertilise your garden, compost all the organic matter from your household. Overtime this will enrich your garden greatly and produce healthy soil for growing your food.