Simple Life : TRANSPORT

     Living simply involves rethinking how we transport ourselves. There is now more than one billion cars and light vehicles on the road – and counting! Our car culture is causing great environmental damage and it relies on a cheap and abundant supply of oil. We must find a way to escape car culture, fast.


1.GET ON YOUR BIKE: The majority of all car trips are short distances. Many of those journeys do not require a car.Get on your bike as often as possible.

2.BIKE LIGHTS: Make sure you have lights on the front and back of your bike for cycling at night. A bright reflector jacket is also a good idea for extra safety. These are worthwhile purchases, and they will soon pay for themselves.

3.CYCLING KEEPS YOU FIT AND HEALTHY: As well as all the environmental benefits to driving less, getting on your bike also keeps you fit and healthy at no extra cost. Since it also means you don’t have to sit in slow traffic, it is also very good for mental health! Let’s
face it, commuting isn t fun. Driving less also saves money.

4.GET A GOOD BASKET AND/OR SOME PANNIERS FOR YOUR BIKE: Many car journeys can be avoided if you hav  some carrying capacity n your bike. A good basket and/or some panniers are indispensible. A backpack can also be useful.

5.GET SOME WET WEATHER GEAR: Don’t presume that just because it is raining or cold you cannot get on your bike. Get you and your family some wet weather gear and some woollen gloves. Riding in the rain can be a beautiful experience.

6.PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Whenever possible, use public transport when distances are too long to travel by bike, or when the weather is just too wet or cold.