Simple Life: ACTIVISM

      As well as transitioning to the Simpler Way ourselves, it is also important that at least some of us help bring more attention to the Simpler Way by becoming activists for the cause. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertisements telling us that ‘more is always better,’ more people need to see that there is a viable and desirable alternative to consumer lifestyles. Perhaps you can you help spread the word? 

EMAIL THIS POST TO EVERYONE ON YOUR MAILING LIST: This is a simple, quick, and costless act, but it may resonate far wider that you would have ever expected, like ripples in a cultural pond. It may well help free people from the chains of consumer culture. Living simply in a consumer culture can be very challenging, but this guidebook provides a free and accessible introduction to the practice of the Simpler Way. As you have seen, there are hundreds of ideas in this document about how to live more on less. Please share it with others.

EMAIL THIS POST TO YOUR LOCAL SCHOOLS, CITY COUNCILORS, AND MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT: Again, this is a simple and costless act with potentially huge implications. Imagine children learnt about living simply in schools? Imagine our political representatives started talking about simple living? Soon enough our world would change.

JOIN OR ESTABLISH A COMMITTEE TO CREATE A COMMUNITY GARDEN: Get a few interested individuals together and form a plan. Do some research on where the best place for a community garden would be; then contact your city council and try to get the ball rolling. Keep at it.

GUERRILLA GARDENING: This term refers to the cultivation of land that you don’t own but which you think you can enrich by cultivating productively – without permission, as such. Moderate Guerrilla Gardeners cultivate their nature strips without seeking council approval. More serious practitioners survey their neighbourhoods for other suitable spots. Seek and ye shall find. It is important to be sensible, of course. One shouldn’t plant anything that might block vision of traffic, for example. But after taking such precautions – and after cultivating your own garden first – one can then proceed confidently, knowing that Guerrilla Gardening is a peaceful and honourable act of opposition. Such acts will be justified in the eyes of posterity.

ESTABLISH A ‘SIMPLICITY CIRCLE’: Invite a group of interested individuals to your place (or some other venue) for the purpose of discussing all aspects of living simply. This is a wonderful opportunity to share information and ideas and the discussion process can be very affirming. You don’t have to be an expert.