In most groups of people there needs to be a clear leader in order for things to happen smoothly. Whether this is a coursework task or a work project - without any form of leadership it will most likely not be successful.

Having leadership skills does not mean that you are a manager or the leader of something, it simply means that you have the ability to take charge of a situation and make sure that it gets resolved.

Leadership skills are important even if you might not use them very often. Once you enter the workforce you are bound to get responsibility of at least a project or two at some point, and it is then crucial that you know how to get it done.

It is often said that leadership is a personality trait - however it is also a skill that can be learned by doing.

· Listen to everyone- let everyone in the group have a say. This is what leads to some of the best ideas you can get and allows everyone to take some space and voice their opinion. You never know who might have an excellent idea that could improve the project.

   · Do as much as you can yourself: 
do not throw all tasks to the rest of the group. Leader or not, you need to set a good example and show that you are not afraid to 'get your hands dirty.'

   · Keep it productive: if you set up meetings and brainstorms, make sure they are productive and that the reason behind them is clear to everyone. Do not waste time and become the leader who cried wolf.

   · Take responsibility: if you are the leader, you need to take responsibility for the welfare of the project. If something goes wrong, you should step in and ensure that a solution is decided on and implemented.