Numeracy is defined as the ability to use mathematics in everyday life. To many this probably sounds like a given, however many people struggle with maths and dread having to use it.

In addition to what we traditionally think of as maths, numeracy also includes the ability to interpret graphs and certain documents as well as doing certain calculations.

With everyone carrying around a calculator in the form of a phone in their pocket —who needs numeracy skills? The answer is: everyone.

Being able to look at a complex spreadsheet and interpret what you are seeing is a very valuable skill, along with doing quick and simple head maths when you are sitting in a meeting or giving someone a quote.

Some employers ask their interviewees tol complete psychometric testing before extending an offer. These tests have mathematical components and it is vital to get a good result if you are hoping to work for the company.


If maths does not come naturally to you, keep testing yourself. Try to never use that calculator, if you see a 20% off sale start calculating prices in your head, look around online for numeracy tests. Usually, if it has been a while since you left school, all you need is a quick refresher and the basics you need will come back to you.