SpaceX flies Mars test rocket effectively for the first attempt

In its first flight, SpaceX initiated and landed its Starhopper rocket, a brief test that saw the firm take a gigantic step forward in developing a next-generation rocket that it hopes will bring individuals to the moon and Mars.

The rocket is the prototype named Starship for SpaceX's vehicle. The firm is constructing the gigantic rocket to accomplish its objective of carrying in space flights up to 100 individuals.

After months of testing, the rocket first lifted off the ground. The last night, SpaceX tried the flight but stopped seconds after the engine had fired. While formal information from the test flight on Thursday has not yet been made accessible, SpaceX said earlier that it intended to fly Starhopper in the atmosphere about 65 feet.

"Starhopper good flight," said Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, in a tweet.

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  1. Is the exhaustion real because I thought it would release less smoke..