NASA is sending a nuclear-powered self-driving drone to a moon of Saturn

Known as Dragonfly, it's a dual-rotor quadcopter; it's about the size of a compact car; it's independent; it's nuclear-powered and it's going to hover over the surface of Saturn's Titan moon.

Quadcopters are currently being sold on Amazon. Self-driving technology is rapidly developing. Nuclear power is more difficult to get through, but the team is planning to use the same type of setup running NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars. Everything that goes into Dragonfly is used elsewhere.

NASA came to that conclusion when it gave Dragonfly the green light previously this summer after a lot of extensive research.

In 2026, Dragonfly will launch from Earth and arrive in 2034 at Titan.

It literally falls from the back of the capsule carrying it after it enters the atmosphere and flies down to a set of sandy dunes on the floor. From there, over two years, it will sample the ground and send back information and pictures.

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