The Best Gaming Console of All Time

Throughout the years there have been various video game consoles but which one is the best?

Playstation 4

The Atari, the daddy of all home video game consoles, was released beginning in the 70's.
It brought games to the world that were playable on your home Screen.
With the advent of the arcade, people jumped to the opportunity to take home the video games with them, and thus the popularity of the home video game console was born.
So what is the greatest console of all time for gaming?

A lot of different companies have attempted to develop video game consoles over the years.
At the game console companies like Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Coleco, Microsoft, and many more all tried their hand.
As the years and technologies have advanced, both of these companies have launched a range of different consoles.
Nintendo had the NES, Super NES, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, and Wii. (This does not even include handheld systems such as Gameboy, DS, and 3DS).
Sony has it's PlayStation 1, 2, and PS3, along with its Vita and PSP.
Sega had the Rulers, Origin, Saturn, and Dreamcast systems.
Microsoft had the Xbox 360 and the Xbox.

Xbox One X

The playing field shifted dramatically after the mid-90's and several other businesses fell apart as they couldn't keep up with the evolving technology.
The big 3, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft were the obvious winners coming out.
This is a list of the greatest console gaming consoles of all time.

The Best Gaming Console:

1- PlayStation 2 
2- PlayStation 4
4- N64
5- Nintendo Switch
6- Mega Drive / Sega Genesis
7- PlayStation 1
8- Xbox 360
9- Gamecube
10- Gameboy

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